We made a deal with our dogs - they give us unconditional love and we give it right back. Feeding your dog should truly be one of the best parts of the relationship but dog food companies make this so difficult. We aim to change that.

Our Food is Awesome

We’ve worked hard to introduce recipes that are delicious, grain-free, super nutritious and affordable. If your doggie needs a specific food that we can’t accommodate we’re happy to suggest other foods and work on new recipes that meet your needs.

Shipping costs are always included. We don’t make you hit a certain cost level or try to upsell you to free shipping. Currently you can’t buy our food in a store (outside of Santa Cruz, California) so it’s our responsibility to pay for the shipping.

Feeding Guidelines Need To Change

We have to have them but these “suggested feeding guidelines” that appear on the back of dog food bags suck. In general, America is overfeeding their dogs. Have you noticed that all the guidelines are usually listed by weight alone? Weight doesn’t even begin to tell the story.

Should a 6 foot, 190 pound person eat the same amount as a 5 foot, 190 pound person?

That’s basically what your traditional dog food label says. When you register at YaDoggie we learn about your dog and help find a customized plan that makes sense. You can change it if your dog isn’t at his or her ideal weight. We want to work with you on this. We love healthy doggies.

Other Dog Food Companies Can't Do This

There are very few dog food companies that sell direct-to-consumer. They usually go through a bunch of distributors. Sure, some sell through online outlets but you can’t buy it from them directly. The upside: those distributors get them onto more shelves. The downside: it’s almost impossible for other dog food companies to know who their customer really is. And even more impossible for them to know their dogs.

Because we sell direct to you, we can do things like customize a feeding plan.

Customized Feeding Plan = Predictive Delivery

If we know how much your dog eats, we know when to deliver more food.

Nothing is worse than running out of food. We love pet stores but if you’re as busy as we are, they’re not super convenient. So, at YaDoggie we do the work to figure it all out. Let’s say we’re off and you have to adjust your delivery date. We learn! We are obsessed with making sure you never run out of food. When we ship the YaDoggie scoop, we’ll get even better!

You Guys Sound Like A Lot of Fun

We are a lot of fun. We’re also very serious about loving dogs and making this a better world for dogs.

Our Top Doggie is named Sol. His mobile number is (831) 515-8513. You can text, call, or e-mail him with questions about anything we do. Just like the rest of the team, he is committed to making feeding your dog the very best part of your relationship. He even posts his phone number on the interwebs. Our products and customer service match that commitment.

Also, please come visit us in Santa Cruz! We'll happily walk you down the street to Humble Sea Brewing and buy you a beer. A heads up would be appreciated. If this isn’t a good enough reason to try our food, what else can we say?