We made a deal with our dogs - they give us unconditional love and we give it right back. Feeding your dog should truly be one of the best parts of the relationship but dog food companies make this so difficult. We aim to change that.

BETTER Food for Healthier, Happier Doggies

54% of all dogs in the US are overweight. On average, overweight dogs live 2 years less than their properly fed counterparts.Traditional dog food companies want your dog to eat more, because more food = more sales. Do those companies have your dog’s best interests in mind? We don’t think so.

You have an important choice to make when it comes to feeding your dog. Just like us, dogs do better when they eat healthier food, properly portioned. For too long we’ve been overfeeding our dogs and not paying close enough attention to the ingredients.

We want our furry friends to live happier, healthier, and longer lives, that’s why we started YaDoggie. There is no dog food company that cares more about your dog.

Does your current dog food company...

Ask questions about your dog to better understand their needs?

Customize a feeding plan to meet your dog’s health goals?

Create a customized transition plan to move to a new food, just for your dog?

Have supporting technology and apps?

Predictively ship food as needed, based on your dog’s consumption rate?

Have vets on staff to answer questions?

Take customer service so seriously they give you the CEO’s phone number & E-Mail?
(It's (831) 515-8513 and lipman@yadoggie.com)

Break down every single ingredient so you know why it was used?

Your dog gives you unconditional love, and we know you do everything in your power to give that right back. That’s why Pet Parents like you demand and deserve a better dog food product and service. That’s YaDoggie.

Some Facts About Us

We are located in Santa Cruz, California.

Our food is all grain-free and made in the USA

Our jerky treats are made from Grass-Fed New Zealand beef

Two of the co-founders met at Summer Camp 20 years ago

We love all dogs, but especially our office Lab, Fin

We currently have no plans to launch a cat food. Who knows what might happen later.