Your first shipment comes in our Welcome Kit.
It has everything you need to get started.

Small Bag of Food - We send you a smaller batch of our healthy, grain-free food to make sure that your dog likes it. We want to make sure you're seeing healthy poops and excitement at the sound of a rustling bag.
Transition Plan - We develop a customized transition plan specifically for your dog. Research shows the importance of slowly changing their food, because a sudden change can lead to diarrhea (and nobody wants that).
Biodegradable Poop Bags - We throw in four rolls of our amazing biodegradable poop bags. Each roll has 15 bags. Poop is part of your life so do it in style. You’ll see what we mean.
A Ya Doggie Hat - It’s time to up your hat game. We want you to look good at the dog park. Nine out of ten dog owners agree that people wearing Ya Doggie Hats are more attractive.

Next, we continue to ship you food on a regular schedule as part of our monthly subscription service.

Gone are the days of midnight runs to the grocery store or paying the high cost of overnight shipping. Now, our service takes care of everything for one reasonable monthly fee that always includes shipping. We start by estimating how long it’ll take your dog to go through a bag of our food and schedule a delivery to arrive before you run out. We’ll get in touch with you a few days before it’s time for your shipment to give you an opportunity to adjust your delivery date, or to cancel. We’ll also give you the option to add treats and poop bags to your order. At any point, you can login to your account page to see when your next delivery is expected, track a shipment in progress, or get another bag sent to you ASAP. As deliveries continue, we’ll continue to learn based on your adjustments so your food is always delivered at the perfect time. As you use the service, we'll adjust your monthly subscription fee to make sure you're only paying for the food you're actually using. Not sure how much it'll cost you? Use our Price Calculator to find out.
Your life is busy and your dog is a part of your family. If we’re doing our job well it means that you never run out of food and you never question whether your dog is eating the right food. Stressing about your dog is no fun. Feeding your dog is the best. We love your dog and want to make sure we’re always adding value. If we’re not, we need to know where we’re falling short.