Dog Food With A Side Of Tech

Coming Soon

Did you feed the dog? It’s a common question in most households with doggies. Dog parents have a myriad of solutions to this problem. Some have a sticky note on the dog food bin while others text each other every time. Some doggies are grazers and you just fill up the bowl when it gets empty. But most dogs are chow hounds who can’t wait to be fed and will beg for food even though they were fed earlier. We can help you outsmart those pups.

Smart Scoop

A “smart scoop” might seem silly but overfeeding dogs is an epidemic that leads to obesity, disease and ultimately a shorter life for your dog.

Our simple, elegant scoop does two things very well:

  1. Lets you know immediately if your dog has been fed by flashing a green or red light when you pick it up. When paired with our app, it push notifies everyone in your family too.
  2. It helps us figure out when you’re running low on food so we can make sure you never run out.

When is it available?
We're working hard to get the scoop released soon! Anyone who registers for YaDoggie between now and when the scoop ships gets the scoop for free!

Is it hard to set up?
It’s incredibly simple to set up. In fact, it’s a very simple device. Pull one tab, connect to your phone and invite others in your household. Whenever you feed the dog, it’ll notify everyone.

How long does the battery last?
The battery in the scoop will last at least a year, if not more. No need to worry about charging or replacing batteries

I have kids without a phone
That’s not a problem. On the front of scoop is a small light. When you pick up the scoop it will either flash red or green. Red means don’t feed while green means go ahead. This way even family members without a phone can use the scoop.

We'll provide additional information closer to the release date of our Smart Scoop. We can't wait for you to begin using it!