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Tell us about your dog, give us $1, and we’ll send you food with a customized transition plan. If your dog likes the food, we’ll send you more before you run out. If your dog doesn’t like the food we’ll send you a different recipe or you can cancel altogether. We’ll even give you your $1 back.

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1. Welcome Kit

This is what a Welcome Kit looks like. It comes with food, two rolls of biodegradable poop bags (we’ve got you covered on both ends), our amazing treats, a YaDoggie tennis ball, and a customized transition plan. We don’t recommend suddenly switching your doggie to a new food (causes tummy troubles) so we make it easy to slowly integrate YaDoggie.

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2. Predictive Delivery

During sign-up we help you figure out how much food your dog should eat. We use that information to help predict when you’re going to run out. We text you before so you can easily delay or make changes. If you do make a change, we'll learn and get better.

3. No Worries

We’re from Santa Cruz, California. We’d rather be walking our doggies on West Cliff than running to the pet store or worse yet, the supermarket last minute. Let us do our thing and worry about the food. You enjoy being a pet parent.

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