Wondering what’s in the recipe? We are always happy to chat about what *exactly* gets put into YaDoggie dog food. We put a lot of thought and research into each recipe, and love to list the nutritional benefits so dog lovers and owners like you know what you’re doggie is eating. Below, we’re digging into the details of our limited-ingredient Turkey recipe. Curious about our other offerings? Check out Lamb and Buffalo & Duck recipes, and our all-natural Jerky Treats as well!

Does your doggie require a carefully-crafted meal made from high-quality, but limited ingredients? Maybe you’re looking for a lower calorie alternative to our other foods? Well,  we have good news for you! YaDoggie’s Turkey & Pea dog food is grain-free, and features a streamlined list of ingredients for doggies with more sensitive systems. And at 340 calories per cup, it’s the lowest calorie dog food we make.

As you know, our dog food is made for dogs by dog owners. We love our doggies. We love feeding our doggies. And we want to give them the best food to fuel their bodies. YaDoggie Turkey & Pea recipe is grain-free, and packed with protein, vitamins, minerals to keep your doggie healthy and happy.

YaDoggie Turkey & Pea dog food is made up of the five following categories:

  1. Core Proteins
  2. Veggies & Carbs
  3. Additional Protein Sources
  4. Other Important Ingredients (such as healthy fats & natural flavorings)
  5. Vitamins & Minerals

1. Core Protein
We call it a core protein if it’s written right there on the bag, so turkey it is! Since we wanted to make a recipe for selective or sensitive doggies, we wanted to keep it simple. Tukey & Pea features both turkey meat and turkey meal as the first and second ingredients listed. This tells you that the main source of protein is coming straight from pure turkey, in its natural form, and meal form. What’s the difference?  The meal is essentially a concentrated (water and fat removed) version of the protein source. Most foods contain quite a lot of water, so when we take that out, you’re left with nutrients and rich flavor. As a result, turkey meal contains 300% more protein than fresh turkey meat.

Note: The Meal Is Real
You might have heard “meals” are unhealthy or bad for your dog – this can be true if you don’t know what meat they’re made from. With our food, you know that “turkey meal” is made from fresh turkey meat, without any “by-products”, “digests”, or unspecified meats – just high quality concentrated turkey. Our meal is the real deal. We promise.

2. Veggies & Carbs
No grains, just wholesome goodness. Keeping it simple here, too – we don’t want your doggies with a more selective palette or sensitive digestion to scoff or suffer at the flavor of our food. We only added peas, pea starch, and dried beet pulp to the recipe, keeping the flavor clean and sweet. Plus, peas and beets will help fill your doggie up on fiber, and keep their energy going thanks to clean carbohydrates. Plus, the natural sweetness derived beets will make for fantastic flavor.

3. Other Protein Sources
We know your dog might have digestive issues or allergies, but we want to ensure they get all the protein they need, so we include pea protein in this recipe. A vegetable based protein source loaded with high quality, palatable, and digestible proteins, pea protein also has a fair amount of important amino acids.

4. Other Important Ingredients
Every doggie’s favorite category: other important ingredients include healthy fats and delicious, natural flavors. Poultry fat, sunflower oil, and flaxseed provide beneficial nutrients and boost the flavor for your doggies. Herbs like rosemary extract and a little salt, too, will make this mix a hit for doggies at home. We want your doggies to be satiated and satisfied with their meals, so we add a couple ingredients that deliver big time when it comes to bold flavors. Check them all out on our website – we’ve made sure to include every single ingredient.

5. Vitamins & Minerals
Ready to talk supplements? Your doggie has already gotten all the macro-nutrients they need: Protein, Carbs, and Fats. Now, we need to make sure your doggie is also getting proper vitamins and nutrients to thrive.We worked with experts to create the perfect blend so that if your dog only eats YaDoggie – they’ll get everything they need. Things like calcium Iodate that protects and helps to build healthy bones and teeth as well as maintain a regular heartbeat and prevention of muscle cramping. Or Vitamin B12 supplement that helps to prevent anemia, and protects the nervous system. Take a look at our website for the complete list. And we know, some of these words are science-y and sound strange, we offer simple explanations so you know exactly what your doggie is getting.

Our goal is twofold: ensure all doggies across the land have access to the high-quality food – and that we empower their parents, owners, and caretakers with knowledge to feed them well. We love the doggies in our lives, and food is love. We want to make sure we show them love by feeding them with healthy, hearty, delicious dog food every day. If some of the ingredients are unfamiliar to you, please check out our website. We’ve listed out each ingredient, and its benefits, so that you know what’s in the bowl.

And if something is still confusing, or you’re curious about an ingredient – drop us a line! We’re always happy to chat about our recipes. Email us @ hello@yadoggie.com.