Dudes, you say, it’s September, I don’t need to worry about heat waves in these here parts, and my dog is doing just fine. Which is awesome! But here at YaDoggie HQ, we’re heading into the warmest time of the year. September and even October bring really high temperatures to the San Francisco Bay Area, so we’re prepping our pups with frosty treats that will help them stay hydrated, and keep their cool. We’ve already told you about our five favorite DIY doggie treats, but today we’re prepping for those scorching hot days – the literal dog days of summer, even if it’s technically fall. Hey, we make really good dog food, we don’t control climate change.

So, here goes. Remember: making your pup’s treats at home can be really great for your wallet, and good on your pup’s tummy, since you can choose the best available ingredients. Snacks and treats make from the heart, and with the freshest foods offer nutrient-dense, flavor-packed options. Snacks and treats are exactly that, however, and none of the following ideas below are to be substituted for meals. Please maintain your dog’s Ya Doggie mealtime plan, and incorporate snacks and treats for rewards when training, or on highly active and hot days, in-between meals. As always, please talk to your dog’s doctor if you’re concerned about nutritional needs, calorie counts, or any adverse reactions to ingredients.

Here are five cool and refreshing recipes to help your pup stay hydrated and happy on hot days.

#1 Frosty Fresh Breath Dog Treats
We’ve already told you about the easy, breezy, breath-freshening bites you can make any old day, but what about when it’s hot as blazes? Take your ingredients (usually a healthy oil, like coconut oil, some fresh herbs and maybe some protein such as Greek yogurt), blitz in a blender, and pour into ice cube trays or adorable molds. We won’t judge you for being super freaking cute about your dog’s snacks. Well, some of our team won’t – but they’re just jealous no one is making these for them.

#2 Frozen Apple Snacks
We don’t know how to say this without sounding like smug, apple fanatics, but apples can kind of do everything, y’all. Dry ‘em out for chips, and blend them with Greek yogurt and water, then freeze them for a delicious, frosty treat that’s also child-friendly. Just sayin’.

#3 Doggie Ice Cream
Seeing your favorite furry friend all sprawled out on a hot day is hard, and knowing they’re uncomfortable is the worst. You can make everyone feel better by serving a bowl of delicious, all-natural ice cream. And it’s fast. And it’s easy. And this is a great way to use up ripe bananas, while hydrating your dog in a healthy way, on a hot day. Most recipes we’ve seen include bananas, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter, all blitzed together in a food processor, then frozen in a plastic dog bowl, and served on a cool kitchen floor. Enjoy the happy slurping sound that’s sure to come.

#4 Frozen Peanut Butter Bites or Bones
Cute dog bone mold is totally optional, here. As we already made clear, we love you and your cuteness with your doggie! But if you want to do the ice cube tray scenario, we’re down for that, too. Honestly, your dog will not turn up it’s nose however you serve these. Blend peanut butter with whatever you want and freeze it. It’s that simple. We’ve seen: peanut butter and coconut oil, peanut butter and pumpkin, as well as peanut butter and banana.See what you have on hand, then mix, then freeze. We know your dog will love it.

#5 Bone Broth Pup-sicles
The benefits of bone broth for your dogs are many – not only does it contain countless nutrients and vitamins, broth or stock can be very healing for your pup’s gut. We’re toying with our own concoction, but until it hits the market, it’s super simple to make your own. On a regular day, you can add bone broth to your pup’s kibble for a special meal, on a hot day, we suggest freezing the broth into cubes that your pup can nibble on in their bowl as a refreshing, hydrating, and nourishing snack. If you haven’t made bone broth before, it’s easy! Remember to keep it simple for canine cuisine – no onions or garlic. All you need is bones (leftover cooked ones, or raw), water, and splash of something acidic – like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. We make ours in a slow cooker throughout the day, cooking on low for 12+ hours. You could also bring to a boil on the stove, then simmer all day. Once the broth is cooked and cooled, freeze into trays for future use – either cold pup-sicles, or defrost to add to kibble!

Cool? Cool. We hope you and your pup love these frosty treats and snacks! Did we miss any of your dog-friendly faves? Tell us in the comments below! Feeding your dog in warm or stormy weather is our goal, so let us know what they love.