Having a sick doggie is so sad – it sucks when our best buds don’t feel well, and it particularly stinks when you have to give them medicine they hate. There’s no explaining or reasoning with a doggie – you just gotta figure out how to get them to take the meds. Doggies are a lot like children in this regard.

Think about what would make your doggie happy and convince them to eat the pill… the answer? Their favorite foods. Treats. Meats. Things they rarely or never get to eat. What you need is a vessel, and these five options will help you camouflage any pill so your doggie takes the medicine and gets better soon.

Peanut Butter Makes It Better
If you’ve done “the peanut butter thing” with your doggie to great success – meaning, if you’ve let them lick peanut butter off a spoon and they’ve come back wanting more – this could work for you. Peanut butter has a potent smell and strong flavor, so it can mask many medicinal capsules. Plus, the consistency is great for containing a pill; since the butter is tacky, the pill won’t likely slip off the spoon or fall out of the doggie’s mouth. Simply scoop some peanut butter onto a spoon, then nestle a capsule in the middle, tucking it in so that it’s not visible. Then, offer the delicious bite to your doggie, and have a bowl of water nearby – they’ll likely be thirsty after that savory treat!

Sausages Are Super
If your doggie is a meat-lover, special sausages might be the perfect thing to use. Check the ingredients on store-bought variety, picking the cleanest one you can; you know how we are here at YaDoggie – we think food should be food, so steer clear of sausages containing artificial flavors, additives, and preservatives. (You can make your own at home, too, if you’re so inclined.) Warming up the sausage just a little bit will make it extra tasty and juicy, then just cut a chunk of it big enough to enclose the pill, and offer it up to your doggie. They’ll likely be so excited to have such a treat, they won’t notice the pill inside. The more tasty the vessel is, the more it will mask that medicinal flavor.

Cheese, Please
Another food that could work, especially and only if your doggie doesn’t have any dairy allergies, is regular old cheese. Try a plain piece first, to make sure your doggie will eat all of it without issue, and then use cheese to disguise pills whenever you need to. You’ll want to use a common semi-hard cheese, like cheddar or Jack – something you can easily push a pill into. Then, just cut a cube or two, give your doggie the cube without the treat to get them interested, and then follow up with the medical one. Two bites, and you’re done!

Homemade Pill Pockets
If you’re feeling up for a project on top of having a sick doggie – something to keep you busy while they’re resting could be making your own pill pockets. A quick search on Pinterest provides you with a variety of shapes and flavors and ideas to get those pills into your doggie’s system.  From straight-forward to rather ambitious, you can find a project that will suit you and your doggie.

Trick With Treats
If you have YaDoggie treats on hand (which obviously you should), or any of the options above aren’t working, you might need to trick your doggie with treats. Your doggie may have caught onto your motives, and now you need to get a little creative to encourage them to take their medicine. One way to go about this is to have multiple treats at the ready, and give them a few plain – no medicine. Then, slip them a bite with the medicine, either wrapping the medicine up in a treat, or using any of the examples above. After that? Follow up with another plain treat.  Basically, you’d get them interested in eating more, convince them that there’s nothing they don’t like coming, and then give them the pill. It’s not an ideal option, but sometimes you gotta do what works for you and your doggie.

Do you have tricks and special treats that help your doggie take medicine more easily? Let us know in the comments below.