We’re about to venture into cheesy doggie love land, who’s ready to come along with us on this ride? It’s gonna be fun, we promise. But be warned, sappiness lies ahead.

Okay, so the other day we went a *tiny* bit overboard with ideas on how to incorporate your doggies’ paws in your home decor. #SorryNotSorry

Today we’re looking at projects we can do (or we can get our crafty friends to help us with) that are classic and classy and will adorn our walls with dose of dapper doggie-ness. I mean, that’s the goal, right? We love our doggies – they bring so much joy and love to our lives – we should absolutely give them a special place in our homes, with a loving tribute.

Taking notes on Pinterest, we came up with three DIY art projects to showcase your doggies AND that do no suck. Some of these are more detailed and perhaps difficult than others, but you can do it. Do it for your doggie.

Gold Leaf & Lovely
Whether you are able to get a silohuette of your doggie, or draw a basic outline a breed you love, you can make a statement piece of art with just canvas and gold leaf. You will need time and confidence that you can create the dog shape you want… this is where you may feel inclined to phone a friend. Or you can make a template by enlarging an image on a photocopier, cutting it out, and drawing around your template in pencil. Then, apply gold leaf adhesive per directions, then gold leaf. Head to the blog Lovely Indeed for more details and instructions. Whether gold leaf on white, or painted canvas, we know you can do this, and we know you’ll love the final look.

Pop-Art Pet Prints
Want a little more color in your home? These pop-art style prints are amazing and super simple to put together. Andy Warhol would be so… proud? We think? The good news is that you needn’t paint anything to make an amazing print like this – just colored cardstock, and a color copier… and some time to play with contrasts and brightness of your image. Get the full instructions over at the blog A Beautiful Mess. Dogs and colors you love? This is a win-win for your walls.

DIY Doggie Silhouette
A big impact, yet simple work of art is to hop aboard the silhouette wagon, and make an oversized print and painting of your pup. Admittedly, this project is a few steps depending on how big you want to go with the print. The idea is that you make a template of your dog from contact paper and cut it out. Stick the sticky contact paper cut-out doggie onto canvas, and paint over it. Use one, two, or many colors – get creative! It’s your doggie, and your house. Then gingerly, carefully, pull the contact-paper template off the canvas, leaving a white space for a striking, contrasting image of your doggie. Check out the step-by-step tutorial here, and get to work on your next work of art.

Do you have any tried and true ideas to showcase your best furry friend in your home? How do you mix your love of your doggie with art? Tell us in the comments below!