We’re about to venture into cheesy doggie love land, who’s ready to come along with us on this ride? It’s gonna be fun, we promise. But be warned, sappiness lies ahead.

There’s a quote that we see every now and then, and while it might have been written for humans, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us think of our doggies.

“What I love most about my home is who I share it with.”

Sure, humans are cool, but doggies are the best. We’re not saying you can have pictures of your favorite people on your walls, we’re just saying – don’t leave your doggie out of your artful expressions of love. If your doggie has a certain face that makes you happy – print it! Blow up that picture to huge levels! Turn it pink! We’re here for how much you love your dog, and how you decorate your house to show that love. We like it all. There’s lots of art you can make of your doggies with which to adorn your walls, but let’s talk about art YOUR DOGGIE can make for YOU.

That’s right your doggies are beautiful creatures, and can be highly creative if provided the proper circumstances. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make fun art for your home, using your dog as the artist-in-chief. (Thanks, Pinterest, for the inspiration!)

Pawfully (sorry!) Cute Canvases
Guys. Did you wake up one day and think: “I’m going to buy a big ol’ canvas – and some paint – and then I’m going to let my dog walk around in that paint, and then all over that canvas”? Because someone did and gave us this killer idea! It’s abstract, it’s original, and depending on the color palettes you use, and how sure-footed (or not) your doggie is, the end-result will be spectacular. One color is striking – think black paw prints on clean, white canvas. Or, use multiple colors but only one at a time, allowing each application of color to dry in-between painting sessions.

Framed (Foot)prints
If a dog walking around in paint isn’t your jam, take a more streamlined approach, and apply paint to only one paw, before pressing onto high-quality paper. This looks particularly nice when you’ve written or printed out their name above or below the print – like this or this. Choose any color in the rainbow, but black on white is a classic. You could even get human feet or hands involved, and showcase one of each side-by-side.

Paws as Flowers
Okay, bare with us. At first this seems a little beyond our capabilities, but if you have a flower and dog lover in your life, this crafty project could be perfect for you. And it’s totally A Thing! Check out all the inspiration on Pinterest. It’s not too hard, really – all you’re doing is turning paw prints into flowers by adding stems, leaves, grass, or other natural elements to your picture. Pick a floral color for your paw prints – yellow, pink, purple, orange – and paint one of your doggie’s paws. Then carefully press down onto high-quality paper. Make one flower, make five. Wipe the paint off of your doggie’s paw and apply a new shade – the world is your oyster! Get creative! Once your flower-paws have been applied, and your doggie’s paws are clean again, you can go back and paint in the stems or grass and leaves you wish.

Have you gotten creative with your doggies’ paw prints? Tell us how you create your own art in the comments below!