Have you heard about the latest trend in naturally-made doggie treats? Dog owners across the nation are trying out, or at least finding out, about CBD treats, or, cannabidiol treats. Yes, cannabidiol as in cannabis – you know, the stuff that makes 4/20 a holiday? Now that cannabis is legal for humans in many states, we’re starting to see the development of cannabis-related products on an even wider market and some of them are going straight to the dogs!

So – what do you need to know? We’ve got the details on cannabis for canines.

#1 – No High Hounds
CBD treats are legal and safe for your dog. This isn’t #Marijuna4Mutts; CBD treats are made from hemp which does not have intoxicating effects. Whereas marijuana contains the high-inducing chemical, THC; hemp-made treats offer only a safe and legal therapeutic effect. Just to be clear – you can’t simply share your pot with your dog. Marijuana and THC can be fatal if consumed by animals (and the chocolate in your edibles is bad for your pups, too). If you’re interested please see tip number 5 below, and make sure you heed professional advice before feeding your furry friend.

#2 – Hemp Might Help
So what kind of therapeutic benefits are we talking, here? If your dog suffers from chronic pain due to cancer, joint-pain related to arthritis, or lasting discomfort due to injury, CBD treats might help. Touted as a powerful pain-reliever, CBD treats have been shown to reduce inflammation as well as suppress pain, allowing dogs to heal or manage their disease with more ease. If your dog’s physical health is fine, but you want to improve their emotional or mental wellness, CBD treats could be a great solution, too. Some experts and dog owners have reported that their dogs, who previously struggled with anxiety or aggression, simply chilled out after enjoying the treats. Another common usage is to help dogs regain a sense of appetite and keep nausea at bay. While we know there aren’t any YaDoggie dogs going hungry, if your pup is experiencing a loss of appetite, CBD treats could help bring your buddy back to their bowl.

#3 – Purchase Legit Products
Look, if you were going to buy the real deal for yourself, you probably would want the best there is – and your standards should be equally earnest for your dog. While there are DIY recipes making the rounds online, we suggest (first, following tip #5 below, and then) purchasing your CBD treats from reputable sources. Order your treats from a legitimate manufacturer who specializes in pet food products. You want to buy something specifically formulated for dogs, not tinker around with tinctures at home and hope you’re doing it right.

#4 – Get Low As You Dose
The chances are your dog will love their new CBD treats, but tread lightly. Dogs can have a reaction to any food you give them, so make sure you begin by allowing them the smallest possible amount, and work your way up to the recommended serving. If you’re trying to treat an illness or manage pain, be patient when looking for the benefits to appear. It will take time for the medicinal qualities to take effect, so go slowly and remain hopeful. Stop usage and call your veterinarian if anything seems off.

#5 – Vets Know Best
Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you should talk to your veterinarian before buying CBD treats in bulk. Currently, it’s illegal for vets to prescribe cannabis to dogs because it’s not an FDA-approved substance. Furthermore, the research is all anecdotal and many experts feel like we just don’t know enough about the side effects or long-term effects yet. That’s not to say veterinarians won’t be on-board with your plan to buy hemp-based foods and oils for your pup. Many seasoned professionals have shared anecdotal evidence that CBD treats and products can ease illness and even increase comfort for dogs experiencing chronic pain or anxiety. Check in with your vet and go from there.

Have you purchased CBD treats for your pup? How did they like them? Let us know in the comments below!