Look, we love walking our doggies, right? We love getting our in the open and getting that burst of fresh air. It’s awesome, until it’s not. It’s okay, this is a safe space – we can all admit that sometimes? We don’t want to walk the dog. Sometimes…? Maybe? We barely want to leave the couch for our own bathroom break. But a dog will wait for no man, woman, or responsible child to walk them, and so we must.

Most dogs require exercise in the morning and at night, some breeds needing more or less activity. If you’re having trouble taking it to the streets, here are seven tips to encourage you to leash-up, and get to stepping.

#1 – Natural Beauty
Nature is magical, and you’ll find more of it outside your house. Science tells us our brains do well with fresh air to breathe, and pretty things to look at; heading out to a park, field, forest, beach, or other green space will give you an opportunity to soak up some much needed natural good vibes. Gotta drive to get to paradise? No worries, plan to head to your favorite spot a couple times a week to get your green on.

#2 – Multitasking Moment
Need to grab a couple groceries? Return a library book? Drop off a small package at the shipping center? Your dog totally wants to come, too. Grab a backpack for your small items, and map out a multitasking route so you can drop-off and pick-up what you need, all with your dog in-tow. Just don’t forget the poop bags, especially when you’re out in public spaces.

#3 – Treat Yo’ Self (and Yo’ Pup)
After a long day, or, frankly, before one, sometimes we humans like to indulge in a special little nosh. Hot day? Ice cream. Cold day? Hot chocolate. Big day ahead? Super fancy coffee from adorable artsy coffee house. By all means – go to town. Literally, take your pup with you to town when you go get yourself some delicious snacks. Just don’t feed them to your dog – bring some YaDoggie treats along with you so you pup can munch away which you sip your special beverage.

#4 – Get In Your Head
Many dog owners report that they love their walks for the time it gives them to think, daydream, or listen to music or audiobooks. Your dog just needs to move, so it’s okay if you’re spaced out and thinking about whether Martians would play football or rugby (rugby 100%), or listening to Hamilton Mixtape again. It’s cool. You need a brain-break, your dog needs a walk. These things can happen at the same time. Don’t look at your phone, plug-in or unplug, and just enjoy the time.

#5 – Get Together
Not feeling the solo journeys? No worries! Many dog owners would love a little human company on their walk, so find a neighbor who can come out with you. We know of a pair of pals that live on opposite sides of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Twice a week, they meet in the middle of the park and walk, together, to one of their houses for a cup of coffee (read: beer), before the other person returns home, alternating houses. They get a great walk this way, complete with solo time AND a social outing. And once a week, the coffee (beer) is free. #genius

#6 – Walk For A Purpose
If you want to maximize your walk for the greater good, why not bring a bag with you and pick-up trash along your route? Or you could volunteer to hang fliers, or pass out papers for a local organization. There’s no rule against giving back while getting your pup some exercise; and you’ll feel like a do-gooding genius when you give back while giving your dog a chance to stretch their legs.

#7 – Pupparazzi
Is your dog an Instagram Icon yet? Whether your pup is Insta-famous, or an up-and-comer, take your walk as an opportunity of the best kind – a photo opportunity. Everyone loves pics of pups (ahem! We do! Send them in!), so snap some shots of your dog out and about, and you might be the Next Big Thing on social media.

Do you have tips and tricks to make walking the dog more fun? Let us know in the comments below!