Here at YaDoggie HQ, we’re all about the slobbery kisses from our doggies. A good cuddle sesh to brightens any day, and a well-timed lick on the cheek lets us know our doggies love us as much as we love them.

But wow – sometimes, bad breath makes these moments unbearable. (Theirs, not ours. At least we think ours is fine.) What to do when your doggie’s breath makes you want to gag? You can’t quit the cuddles for good, so take to your pantry and whip up some DIY toothpastes and treats to clean up your doggie’s mouth.

With some inspirational assistance from Pinterest, we’re featuring our five favorite ideas. Don’t worry, each one is super easy – you can’t mess these up.

#1 – Simple Toothpaste
Lots of folks report that making a paste of baking soda and coconut oil, plus natural flavors, works best and is healthiest for doggies. Some pet parents add essential oils, others lean on fresh herbs like parsley, and spices such as turmeric. Mix it all together and voila! A natural breath freshener that also cleans your doggie’s teeth. Reminder: you will need a toothbrush designed and designated for your doggie, so make sure you have one ready.

#2 – Minty Fresh Doggie Treats
While you have that coconut oil and parsley out, why not whip up a batch of minty fresh treats? We know pet parents that use out flour and eggs to bind together refreshing herbs (namely, mint and parsley), adding coconut oil for healthy fat and flavor and it’s special antibacterial properties. Your doggie shouldn’t have too many at a time, but when the breath is really horrendous, you’ll be glad you have one of these at hand.

#3 – Some Apple A Day
Did you know a couple slices of fresh apple after your dog eats is a sweet and simple way to freshen up their breath? The next time you catch a whiff of stinky breath, slice up an apple and share it with your doggie. The apple will help clean and whiten your doggie’s teeth, and will make their breath sweeter and cleaner smelling.

#4 – Refreshing Frozen Pops
If your dog loves to eat ice, why not customize a few ice cubes to be odor-eaters themselves? Using prepared and cooled chicken or beef stock as a base, mix in from fresh herbs we know work well to freshen up a stinky mouth, such as parsley and mint. Make sure you chop the herbs finely. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays, and freeze for four hours, or longer. When you notice your doggie’s breath could use some help, toss a few cubes into their bowl for a refreshing, hydrating, and nourishing treat.

#5 – Frozen Yogurt Pops
We promise you don’t need to use a paw-shaped mold to make these work – an ice cube tray or any mold will do. Using a sugar-free, protein-packed, full-fat yogurt and herbs, you can blend up a bad-breath-blasting treat in no time. Simply add yogurt to a food processor, toss in a handful of fresh parsley and mint, and blitz until the white yogurt is speckled and flecked with the greenery. Pour into your ice cube tray or mold, and freeze until solid.

Do you have any homemade, breath-freshening treat recipes to share? Tell us how you keep your doggie’s breath minty fresh in the comments below!