Confession: We almost titled this post “How To Convince People They Need A Dog.” Why? Well, show of hands time: Who has sent links of adoptable dogs to loved ones with the subject “WANT!” or “We need this guy/girl” or “Look who I found” or similar?

We’re definitely guilty.

As far as we’re concerned here at YaDoggie HQ, it doesn’t matter how many dogs you have – you definitely need another one. You know who needs a dog the most? People who are not allergic to dogs, but who don’t yet have one.

WE know your friends and family would benefit from having a dog. YOU know your friends and family would benefit from having a dog. But THEY are the stubborn ones who can only think of all the hard work dog ownership can be. Yes, having a dog takes effort – dogs gotta eat (ahem), walk and play, and get bathed, you know – normal dog stuff. But the benefits far outweigh the bummers, so if you’re looking to convince your roommate, your spouse, your parents, or your co-worker that having a dog would make their life exponentially better – which it will! – here are your talking points.


YaDoggie’s 15 Reasons Why Having A Dog Rules

#1 – Dogs Are Cute As Hell
For real, come on. Dogs are adorable and looking at them brings joy to our hearts. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when you see a sweet pup’s face.

#2 – Dogs Are Good For Your Mental Health
Feeling stressed? Simply petting or playing with your pup will help. It’s science! Interacting with a dog “can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol”.

#3 – Dogs Ownership Means More Natural Exercise
Dogs need to move, and they typically need someone to be with them when they do. Dog ownership brings with it more motivation to get and stay active because your dog needs to walk, run, and get fresh air. Their needs benefit both humans and canines, alike!

#4 – Dogs Help Your Heart Health
Turns out all those extra steps you’ll get from walking your dog will keep your heart happy and healthy. Owning a dog could help prevent heart disease… can’t say that about a goldfish. (Not that there’s anything wrong with goldfish.)

#5 – Dogs Will Welcome You Home Like The Magnificent Person You Are
What other creature will come bounding to the door at the mere jingle of keys on a keychain? If you’ve had a bad day and need a pick-me-up, the endless love your dog will shower upon you will restore your faith in yourself, and in life. Speaking of life…

#6 – Dogs Won’t Judge Your Life’s Choices
Your dog won’t tell you to change your shirt, smile more, stop watching that show, nag you about playing that video game, or give you a bad time about your lunch (unless they want some). In all fairness your dog might be judging you hard for a lot of what you do, but you’ll never know it and can carry on with confidence of being a brilliant human being, beloved by your best pal pup.

#7 – Dogs Help With Social Interactions
Two truths: awkward silences suck AND your dog can provide endless topics of conversation. If you find yourself lost for words and stuck at social settings, you can either A.) start telling a story about your dog or B.) excuse yourself because you need to tend to your dog. A dog is really the perfect partner for the extrovert and introvert alike!

#8 – Dogs Could Save Your Life
Lassie might have been fictional, but  there have been countless stories where a dog saved it’s human from harm. From sensing something is wrong, to literally getting humans out of harm’s way, a dog is humankind’s best friends because they always have our backs.

#9 – Cuddles. Just, All The Cuddles.
Unabashed, glorious cuddles. Remember back up at #2 and we talked about how dog petting a dog releases “happy” hormones and reduces stress hormones? Cuddling works, folks. Cuddling. Works.

#10 – Dogs Are Inherently Entertaining
Kids might say the darndest things, but dogs actually do the darndest things. They are silly, playful, cocky, and the don’t care who knows it. They love to entertain and be the center of your attention, so enjoy your dog’s personality, and enjoy your life more.

#11 – Dogs Are Great Selfie Buddies
Dogs can’t take a bad picture – and by that we mean, all dogs are either adorable or hilarious or adorably hilarious in every single photograph. Adding your dog to your selfie will only make your selfie game stronger.

#12 – Dogs Are There For You When You’re Feeling Lonely And Want To Be Alone
Need some alone time to mope in bed? Who hunkers down with you for a snuggle? Your dog. Want to get lost in nature to think through life’s big questions? Who is by your side on the trails? Your dog. If you need a little tenderness or time with your thoughts, having a pup to keep you company is a really great idea. A dog is a great way to be alone, without getting too lonely.

#13 – Dogs Can Help You Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Ever wanted to be someone who went to the beach for fun, or took a walk before work just to see the sun shine? Now’s your chance. Your dog will get you out of your house and in the open. Thought you’d never hike or spend an afternoon playing frisbee? Maybe you didn’t anticipate making dog treats from scratch. Whatever you want your “new thing” to be, your dog can help you get there, either sitting by your side while you learn to play the guitar, or making a new habit of walking to get coffee every Sunday.

#14 – Dogs Make Holidays More Fun(ny)
One word: COSTUMES. Now, with all due respect to dogs, and without wanting to embarrass or humiliate dogs (yes, that’s a thing that can happen so please be cautious), putting your dog in a costume or themed attire can be wholly satisfying. And don’t get us started on matching looks for humans and pups. Because we’ll be here all day.

#15 – Dogs Make You Sexier
It’s true! Like, in a subjective kind of way. Don’t believe us? Let’s break it down: One of the definitions of sexy is “generally attractive, interesting, appealing.”  First, you are generally attractive – just own that fact now. Then, you are fundamentally interesting because you always have something to talk about (your dog) AND you possess the appealing characteristic of being able to take care of others (also, your dog). BOOM. Sexier. Embrace it.

Did we miss any of the reasons why having a dog is the best ever? Let us know what makes you thrilled to be the proud parent of a sweet pup in the comments below.