Ya Doggie is a new kind of dog food company that melds delicious, super healthy food with technology and convenience.

Ya Doggie is all about what's best for you and your dog. Our focus is fostering love for dogs and dog parents. We believe it shouldn’t be so hard to get super healthy, high quality dog food delivered to your door before you realize you need it. Our number one goal is that your dog is healthy and happy. We want you to enjoy feeding your dog without ever having to worry about running out, making special trips to the pet store or lifting heavy bags. We want you to know that you’re feeding your dog the right amount and that the ingredients are good for your dog. We love dogs and we understand the special bond that is created when your dog is fed. Nothing should get in the way of that experience.

It's time to have a personal relationship with the people that make your dog's food.

We’re located in Santa Cruz, California where the dogs frolic together in the sand, run alongside our skateboards and cuddle us on those foggy, cold mornings. We’re a group of friends who have traditionally worked on technology startups. When we discussed our “next thing” we decided to work on something that was in our hearts. We are passionate dog owners who think that dog food is important, that dogs are fun and that we can improve something you do every single day.

Value is our Promise

There are a lot of options out there of varying costs and quality when it comes to dog food. Our promise is that we will constantly strive to create the greatest value in the market. Value is a combination of cost, quality, taste and convenience. Our Ya Doggie Duck & Lamb Recipes lives up to our promise. Read more about the food & ingredients.

Transparency at the Core

Our food is incredibly healthy, but it is not organic. We’d love to move to an organic food but we don’t feel like it would deliver on the value we want to provide. It would likely triple the costs of the food and we’re not convinced it would truly improve the health of your dog. We’ve tried to limit our ingredients while crafting an excellent food. We will always strive to improve the food in the same way an engineer improves an app. We work with a company called Signature Foods to produce our Dog Foods. They are a well known company that has never had a recall. Signature Foods has made many high end brands. We did a lot of research over an entire year before we selected Signature, including an onsite visit to their awesome factory outside of Atlanta. They understand exactly what we’re trying to accomplish and helped us to envision a delicious, healthy food that your dog will absolutely love.

My name is Sol Lipman, I’m the Top Doggie and this is my dog, Ernie. He's an old man now, almost 15. I love him so much. I never had a dog growing up and I never understood what it meant to be loved and love unconditionally until I met my best friend. It's important that Ernie eats super healthy food. It's also important that when I'm opening that bag, he's excited to eat. He's my inspiration. Everything I do at Ya Doggie is dedicated to this old man and my best buddy.

Call or Text me anytime

Above is my mobile number. If you have thoughts, questions or concerns just call or text me. Please also send me pics of your dog. If I don’t answer right away it’s because I’m researching your question, driving or spending time with my family.

Thanks for believing in us. Ya Doggie!